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The problems of search and selection for experienced and proven executives is well documented. It takes time, costs money and is troubled with risk.

The Portridge Capital Executive Hot Swap Teams resolve this challenge by rapidly providing a teams(s) of high-profile, hands-on executives to your Board (or invested Board). The Team “assumes” a single non-executive position with a named executive who is then swapped on a regular basis with other supporting executives who will have different skills and supporting disciplines.

So, with a single appointment, a whole team can be deployed saving time and considerable cost but more importantly, re-igniting the growth curve almost instantly.

As an example, you may have decided to strengthen a team with an NED but also need a marketing director, a sales director or even a strategist (but none of them full-time). You only have the budget for one and even then you may only have a short-term requirement.

Portridge Capital is a powerful partnership of high-profile proven executives and wealth creators from a broad array of industries. It’s unique Executive Hot-Swap Teams provide an instant solution to immediate management vacancies whether they be short, medium or long term.

Ideal Use:

    • Non-executive assignments
    • Re-igniting stalled investments
    • Short and medium-term executive vacancies
    • Specific project-oriented tasks
    • Complete Management Team replacement
    • UK market establishment for overseas market newcomers